The Wedding Wall

The Wedding Wall is your very own website where you and your guests can share photos, messages and more on your wedding day and afterwards.

Guests can upload photos, messages and more on the day.

The Wedding Wall serves as a virtual guestbook long after the day itself.

Live-Stream capability allows absent friends to share in the celebrations also. 

Making it your own is as easy as 5 simple steps...

On the day, guests can very easily upload selfies, messages and also submissions from some of the activities, such as the ‘Words of Wisdom’ or ‘Limerick Game’.

Your Wedding Wall does not just stay live for the day itself, but instead, like a virtual guestbook, is available for you and your guests to reminisce and re-live the wedding celebrations long after the cake has been eaten and the confetti swept away. You can also continue to upload photos and messages after the day itself.

Designed in the same style as the booklet theme you choose, each website is totally unique to your wedding and can only be accessed with a pincode provided.


With live-streaming becoming a more and more popular addition to weddings since the restrictions on numbers, we have also created a space on the Wedding Wall where live-streaming videos can be viewed.

For your absent friends and family, this means they can take part in the activities and share in the moments whilst watching the wedding in real time.

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