Our Story

As the founders of Treasure Trails, a leisure company specialising in family entertainment, we already knew and understood the value of spending time with loved ones and focusing on the things that really matter, like making memories.

So when it was the turn of our eldest son to get married, we decided to use our passion for entertaining by creating what were in essence activity booklets for the wedding guests. But as has been our ethos throughout Treasure Trails’ existence, we wanted to go the proverbial extra mile, and really make the booklets special.

To do this, we selected a variety of images of our son and his bride-to-be, and also created a range of activities themed around the couple. These included a ‘Mr and Mrs’ quiz, ‘True or False’ activity and even a Drawing Challenge that saw the guests drawing the wedding scene (interesting results after a few G&T’s!). All of these were packaged up into what, at the time, we thought was a lovely little booklet.

We believe that sharing moments and memories with family and friends is where happiness truly lies.

We thought it was a nice little idea that would provide a bit of quirky fun at our son’s wedding. What we did not expect, was for the booklets to be quite so glowingly received, to the extent that two separate guests, with upcoming weddings themselves, practically begged us to do the same for them! 

With Treasure Trails occupying the majority of our time though, and our second son with no prospect of being married any time soon (one can but hope) we decided to put our nice little idea to an early bed.

Fast forward a year, a global pandemic, and a sudden increase in available time though, and here we are. Our nice little idea has become ‘a gem of an idea’ – not our words, we promise! The idea has now been polished, refined, loved, tested, and frankly improved.

We are very proud that our combination of personalisation, interactivity and entertainment allows us to deliver truly memorable experiences for couples and guests.

Thank you for letting us put the cherry on top of so many of your weddings. There is nothing we love more.

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"We are very proud to be offering a product that creates such wonderful moments and memories."


Customer Happiness Manager

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.


General Manager

“Passion and perseverance is my approach to business, with a healthy dose of delegation!”


IT Guru

“There’s only ever one guarantee when working with technology, that there will be problems!”


Head of Design

When she’s not practising the art of graphic design, Emma likes to do MORE graphic design.

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