How It Works

We know how busy and sometimes stressful planning your big day can be. That’s why we have made it super easy for you to create your own personalised Booklets for your guests. There are just 5 simple steps:

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Step 1

Decide that the product is right for you. If you’re not convinced yet, requesting your sample might help with that.

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Step 2

Choose how many Booklets you would like. We recommend 1 per guest, but the choice is all yours. You can always add more nearer the day, if needed.

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Step 3

Place your order. You will then be given access to the Booklet Builder where you can start personalising and creating your perfect Booklet.

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Step 4

When you have finished creating your personalised Booklets, we will print them and deliver them to you. 

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Step 5

You and your guests enjoy your wedding day. Once the day is over, you and your guests have special mementos to take away and treasure.

Ready to start building your own Booklets?