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Top 3 Activities

Which of our activities are proving most popular so far this year.... Read on to find out!

We have 13 different activities available, from which you can choose 6 to feature in your booklets to entertain your guests and help ‘break the ice’ around the tables.

There are quizzes, such as The Happy Couple Quiz, classic puzzle-style activities, such as Love Letters, and interactive games like Wedding Speech Bingo and Find The Guest.

There are activities that will have them conferring with themselves around the table as they try and figure out an answer or spot a clue in the I-Spy Challenge

There are activities that will leave them smiling, laughing, or even crying as they discover new things about you that they never knew before, sometimes hilariously in the True or False Quiz.

In short, there are activities that will suit a wide range of people, the difficulty for you, will be choosing just 6!

You can find out more about each activity by visiting this page.

Our couples who have chosen CherryTop Weddings this year have, as expected, selected a range of different activities. It is very rare that we will have two different couples choose the same activities, and even if they did, once the activities have been personalised and made their own, they are completely different anyway. It’s no cliché to say that no two CherryTop Weddings are the same.

Anyhow, having collated all of the activities chosen for the booklets this year, the current top 3 in terms of popularity are:

1) Our Secret Message

2) True or False?

3) Where Were We?

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