Behind the scenes

Behind The Scenes

It’s been a little while now since our last blog post. 2 months in fact.

For those of you that know about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you’ll know that this is a bit naughty. Basically, regular blog posts means an up to date website, which means featuring higher on search engines – yay!

So why have we forgone our SEO duties? Well there are a couple of reasons actually. The main one is that whilst we know it’s great for a business to rank well, we’ve actually had more important things to be worrying about! The second reason is that we’d actually rather you as the reader enjoy or gain something from these posts, and that’s far easier to achieve when we write them because we want to, not because there is a deadline or time requirement to get them out just to be seen higher on Google.

So just what have we been doing that has kept us so busy with ‘more important’ work?! In fact, how can we be so busy, what with (sadly) no weddings happening at present?

The answer, in a word, is development. Ok that doesn’t explain anything, let’s try again. The answer, in a sentence, is that we have been developing, refining and testing our products and services. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Basically, we’ve been dotting I’s and crossing T’s, ready for when we can all start sharing and celebrating weddings in the near future.

The biggest T we’ve crossed is Tech. When we say Tech, we’re referring to a few things. The main one, and the one that has caused the most headaches and sleepless nights, is the CMS, aka The Booklet Builder. As the name suggests, this is where you build your Love Stories. Creating a bespoke system that allows users to customise, upload, save, authenticate and preview their booklets in a super easy to use way, turned out to be a much bigger task than we anticipated! Thanks to some amazing work from the IT gurus, the extensive user testing, and the attention to detail and care from the team here in the office, we are delighted with the end result. Now we won’t spoil the surprise too much, but here’s a sneaky peek…

There are other areas of the tech project which we are very pleased to have completed, but at the risk of de-railing the entire blog post with techy bits, or you falling asleep, we’ll tell you about them another time.

So if the biggest T we crossed was Tech, the biggest I we’ve dotted was ……. erm, ok, I didn’t think that through… let’s go with Incredibleness. Wait, I’m not sure if that’s even a word!

Anyhow, ‘Incredibleness’ and its respective I-dotting, has come from the attention to detail and care that has gone into our product development itself. For the Love Stories, that ranges from procuring all of the various components, to the many hours spent thrashing out design for our lovely packaging. We want it to be a special surprise when you receive your box, but for you blog readers, here’s a little sample. 

Another product we have spent a great deal of time working on are the children’s activity packs. Again, we don’t want to spoil the surprise too much with these, but let’s just say we have absolute confidence that not only have we created a brilliant product to entertain children at weddings, but that at £4 per child, it is astonishing value for money!

With the Wedding Day Fun Club, it's not just the adults who will have all of the fun!

Join us next week where we meet the team behind CherryTop Weddings and see what makes them thrive.

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